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Castro, Hookpad 2, Ribn, and other great apps of the week

Did you know that Adobe's Lightroom CC for iPhone has a great camera built in? Or just drop it in the iCloud folder, you can listen to any audio file with Castro's podcast application. Or can you make catchy songs on iPad's web browser using Hookpad 2? Well, you are.

This week is a wonderful app.


Castro added a subscription model to version 3.
Screenshot: Supertop Software

With Supertop's Castro Podcast application, you can now add any audio file just by dropping it in the iCloud folder. You can also select the chapter you want to hear in advance. This is a wonderful feature. From DRM-free audio books, you can drop anything from lectures you downloaded to recordings you made, tracks you are currently working on. This update is free for existing users. Some of these functions required paid subscriptions

price: Free for in-app purchase

download: Castro in the App Store (iOS)

Hook pad 2

Hookpad 2 now works with Mobile Safari.
Hookpad 2 now works with Mobile Safari.
Photo: Hook theory

Hookpad 2 brings great music composition and learning tools to iPad and iPhone. Hookpad has a database of huge songs and is tying it with a synthesis tool based on music theory. This allows you to ask for the following code suggestions (in terms of magic code, application words) based on the chord progression of thousands of songs. This is a wonderful way to get inspiration.

If you want to make catchy songs, or want to refine very practical and interactive music theory, please see Hookpad 2.


Ribn works with applications and hardware.
Ribn works with applications and hardware.
Photo: Nebojsa Petrovic

Ribn is a nice application that does not work very much by itself. Instead, it allows you to control other music apps that are connected to your iPhone or iPad, or music hardware (synthesizer, effects) …

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