Beautygate: Top camera developer debunks iPhone XS beauty filter

Some people look better with age, and some people look better on the iPhone XS.
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The whole controversy of "Beautygate" was not a big deal for anything.

The corner of the Internet is armed on recognized defects of the iPhone XS camera, making the person with confidence look better than it looks. Apple is trying to "fix" an undisclosed beauty filter, but developers behind the best iOS camera app have revealed that such a filter does not exist.

Halide designer Sebastiaan de With explains that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cameras are less noisy than previous iPhones. This is due to the fact that the new iPhone camera takes pictures at a faster rate than ever.

"People feel that iPhone XS runs smoothly for two reasons." Better aggressive noise reduction with merged exposures. And, by eliminating the sharp bright / dark contrast that the light hits a part of the skin, we merged the exposure which reduces sharpness.

Kill Beautygate's controversy

iPhone XS will raise the calculated picture to a new level.
Photo: Apple

IPhone XS will shoot with higher ISO and faster shutter speed in order to snap a lot of photos and merge them together. This brings more noise to the photo, so Apple has enhanced noise reduction to make up for it. When noise reduction is added, detail and local contrast are deleted.

Noise reduction is even more obvious, as the iPhone XS self-camera uses a sensor that is even smaller and uses a higher ISO than the back camera. Instead of making the picture noisy, Apple chose to make it a bit smoother.

"The good news is that if Apple feels it too heavy, Apple can fine-tune it, but with a simple choice between flat lighting and noise and too smooth It is logical that version 1.0 is incorrect in terms of smoothing as it is a simple choice between.

For future iOS updates, you might fine-tune the noise reduction so that the skin tones are not dramatic. But we really do not care that Apple makes us look good in photos. In fact, it makes sense to upgrade by itself.

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