Australian Lawmakers Join Forces to Cast Magic Encryption Spell

The Australian Government has come up with a bill to deal with encryption and a way to put / do not put backdoor on it. That is because it's a fictional magic cryptography spell Directory).

[[[[Whether DNA encryption is required someday]

Australian encryption

We do not know much about the bill scheduled for next year's parliament. However, we can see how much Australian lawmakers understand encryption. From the digest of the bill to consider:

Implement countermeasures to address the impact of encrypted communications and devices on national security and law enforcement investigation. This bill provides a framework for government agencies to cooperate with the private sector to adapt law enforcement agencies into an increasingly complex online environment. The bill calls for domestic and foreign companies to provide services to Australia in order to provide greater support to government agencies.

Encryption backdoor

You can not have it in both directions. You can not have strong end-to-end encryption and a way to break or avoid that encryption at the same time. The backdoor is fake. Technology companies like Apple are already cooperating with law enforcement agencies to provide metadata, lawful intercept and technical support.

This estimate Directory Say it all:

Perhaps like the lover who thinks someone is hiding the secret to burn water to move the car, the government believes in the technology he wants already, but the telecommunications agent and technology platform hide that fact. Foolishness and Conspiracy: It is difficult to know which is bad.

[[[[EFF supports safe data law, law says "get encryption right"]

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