Audio recording, new editor interface, etc. were updated on popular iOS journal application Day One

The iOS Journal Application Day One today announced a major update to version 3.0. In this update, many new functions such as overhauled editor interface, time-based dark mode, audio recording, etc. were realized.

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The one that supports today's update is a new editor, "Designed and built for an excellent writing experience," according to Day One developers. As part of this redesign, support for new editor menus, photo groups, checklists, etc., which has easy access to formatting options was added.

All the functions of the new editor are as follows.

  • To edit an entry, tap where you want to hover the cursor!
  • The & # 39; Done & # 39; button closes the entry (unswipe).
  • Editor Menu: Tap the "Aa" icon and replace the keyboard with the formatting markup option, header, boldface, italic, list, quotation block, code block, regular line, and indent.
  • Auto-converting headers, lists, bold type, and italics to rich text will continue markdown support without any markup.
  • Dynamic Code Blocks: Advanced markdown like tables and HTML is now supported using new toggleable code blocks. Existing content is automatically detected and wrapped in code blocks. The code block contains toggle buttons for editing / code display and HTML display. The state of the toggle is saved in the entry so I remember to display the code or display the rendered Web view.
  • Entry Content menu: Tap the paper clip icon to add photos, cameras, audio, tags, and entry metadata actions.
  • Photo group. When you add photos together, a basic dynamic collection grid is created.
  • For additional options, please hold down the photo. (Photo composition will come)
  • Checklist! Read now or interact with checklist in edit mode and see the summary …

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