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August 19, 2004: Google will make public offerings in the public offering market. Founder Larry Page and Sergei Brin have turned into an instant millionaires, as Google's IPO has solidified its position as a technical giant.

The relationship between Google and Apple was good at the time, Steve Jobs was the leader of the company's two founders, Google's Eric Schemid soon joined Apple's board of directors. But peace never lasts long …

Apple and Google: The Birth of a Great Competition

Looking back on Google's war with Apple, I can see that it is similar to the conflict between Microsoft and Apple in the 1980s and 1990s.

In both cases, the companies began as friends. The head of Jobs and Apple's Cupertino's enemies who were praised deeply at first. However, both companies eventually adopted Apple directly using competing products (Windows for Windows, Android for Google). In either case, the product was initially significantly inferior. But both were openness and available to multiple hardware manufacturers, so both were obtained on the ground.

Google will be the final enemy of Jobs. In his longstanding career, Apple heretics always found some large (usually challenged design) founded villain to fight. It is indeed a biography of Walter Isaacson, in a way that Jobs defined Google. Jobs classified IBM and Microsoft as "evil forces" instead of innovation with Google.

Today, the relationship between Apple and Google looks a little better, much of the legal hostility between them is being chilled. Still, the mobile operating system, mapping software, and recently the battle of AI technology continues.

Nonetheless, 22 million shares opened at $ 85 and the Google IPO that ended at $ 100.34 was successful …

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