Apple’s famous hyperbole factory works overtime

When comparing iPhone 4 and iPhone XS, almost everything has been changed. All but the script Apple uses when opening a new handset publicly.

This is a new product showcase from last week, with Apple executives talking about iPhone XS and XS Max and James Brown, YouTuber and Reddit users who edited the video comparing the use of adjectives in 2010 of Steve Jobs It is an observation of the tongue cheek.

Apple tends to have buzzwords and words can be easily guessed like fans who have faithfully followed the product launch throughout the year: beautiful, Incredible, Great And amazing.

Apple keynote

Mr Brown writes for YouTube. "I can not wait, I am a big fan of Apple, I can not wait to upgrade." I am just making funny observations.

"I compared the keynote lecture of iPhone 4 with XS because it seemed most fair that 4 was a successor phone.I did not want to compare the refresh launch with the launch of a new product.

Apple keynote speeches and product introductions are often subject to the snarky-mortem exam. Fans are known to roll their eyes because each new iPhone is always "the best thing".

In many cases, Twitter aggressive users comment on real time as they say something. This year some bloggers judged Phil Schiller, the vice president of marketing around the world, made a mistake on the words Bokeh, Japanese words, and photography terms that refer to the quality of the part where the image is out of focus. Apple has made blur words familiar words. Because, how is the portrait mode of the iPhone blurred behind the background?

The highest level this year is much higher than the total from 2010. The job was deploying a single iPhone. For this year's launch, three phones and several speakers were talking about various functions. This may increase the use of adjectives.

Regardless, each word had a familiar ring.

According to the number of Brown, the iPhone 4 was led with 28 adjectives. Great And beautiful I said six times. Awesome I was uttered five times.

129 adjectives were attached to the XS line. Incredible I was told 20 times. beautiful, 18; The best ever, 12; Great, Best And Remarkable, 9; Better, 6; and Awesome,Five.

Brown edited the video with Reddit. There, one young mathematician decided the price of each adjective by price.

Reddit 's Brown' s video started a conversation soon.
Screenshot: Reddit

Things like zingw were a bit more serious.

"The biggest reason to offend me is that Tim Cook continues," This is the most advanced iPhone we created. " "Well, are not you saying that you are improving? I expected you to slow it down every year and make you sleepy.He said it every year!

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