Apple0s Tim Cook-peppers Twitter with shared photo & # 39; s made on iPhone XS

As part of a weekend blitz to promote the launch of the iPhone XS, Apple director Tim Cook went on Twitter to share images made by three different photographers.

Beach photos from Andrew Kearns are said to be "straight from the camera, no operations". Apple has sometimes been accused of being misleading by sharing images that are technically "Made on an iPhone" but have been processed and / or made with add-on lenses or other expensive equipment.

In fact one fall photo Cook shared by Erin Brooks, recognized by Cook as being edited in Adobe Lightroom for iOS. While editing is common, it is not representative of the standard output of an iPhone. Brooks said that they benefited from the adjustable depth-of-field effects of the XS.

Another shared photo by Yuntao Lu, taken at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, would demonstrate the XS & # 39; Smart HDR technology. The improvement over the old HDR of Apple depends on more source photos, which prevent bloated highs. As evidence, Lu included an almost identical photo shot with an iPhone 6s Plus, in which much of the window area is overexposed.

Apple relied on the quality of its camera's to help iPhones sell for several years. Other upgrades on the XS and XS Max are larger sensors and faster image processing.

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