Apple0s’ emergency SOS feature foils attempted sexual assault

The unnamed woman described her ordeal to a CBS affiliate WTKR Monday.

In the early hours of Sunday, a stranger approached asking for help finding his own iPhone, the report said. The woman, not suspecting danger, agreed to play the good Samaritan and was eventually taken to the promenade.

“I never suspected he was bad. He was a very normal and handsome guy,” she said. “I was like,” Where are your friends? Why are you alone “It was like, I’m in the military. I’m not from here” and my brother is in the military – I felt bad for him. “

Drawing the victim to a remote area, the unidentified man said he thought the phone was lost in the sand. The situation turned sour when the woman tried to locate the allegedly missing phone with Apple’s “Find My” app, an effort that didn’t pay off. She became suspicious when the man was unable to navigate the Apple iOS user interface, suggesting that he did not, in fact, own an iPhone and had fabricated the lost phone scenario.

“I get my phone and I turn around and try to run away and it just comes from behind me, attacks me, grabs my face, covers my mouth,” said the woman. “I try to cry out for help, [he] attack me on the ground – it’s like pushing my face to the ground – and now, because I screamed, he squeezes my mouth even more trying to stifle the noise I make. “

Fortunately, Emergency SOS was activated on the woman’s iPhone, allowing her to automatically dial 911 without unlocking the device. In this case, a long press on the power button and the volume down button triggered the function. The emergency SOS can also be called up by pressing the power button five times quickly.

The police were directed to his home by a dispatcher who heard his cries for help.

“Originally, they went to look in hotels and the dispatches had informed them that I was talking about water – I beg him not to drown, I don’t want to drown – so they knew how to come and look in the sand “. she says.

The perpetrator fled on foot when the police arrived, but was quickly found and apprehended.

“I am so thankful to these police officers. I know they have a thankless job and I cannot thank them enough,” said the woman.

Apple’s emergency SOS feature debuted on the operating system in 2016 and made its way to the iPhone in 2017. With iOS 11, Apple added the ability to alert emergency contacts designated with an automated text message that incorporates current location information.

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