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Apple Watch Series 4 wish list and others.

this week's Cult of Mac Magazine: As updates are scheduled soon, Mack cult We will present our best speculation (and the most strange dream) of all the features that may come to Apple's wonderful wearables.

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Cult of Mac Magazine, No. 258

Apple Watch Series 4 wish list
Soon Apple will announce an upgrade to popular wearables.
The appearance of Apple watch has not changed since the launch but recent leaks have made it possible to expect new form factors on larger screens when Apple Watch Series 4 comes on.

iPhone cameraAll you want to know: iPhone shutter speed
Your iPhone camera is pretty good to take pictures automatically. You just pointed at it, filmed and the camera makes all tricky things work. But what is actually going on? How do you receive the light you see and render it as an image on the screen?

Old macsTop 20 most important Macs of all time
Twenty years after Bondi Blue iMac has revolutionized (and saved Cupertino's bacon), we will look at Apple's most changing gaming machine.

Apple pillowDream different from these Apple pillows
Designed similar to the Apple II, Apple Macintosh, Bondi Blue iMac, iPod, and the first iPhone, the Iconic Pillow Collection is the latest pillow cover by Digital Lifestyle Company Throwboy.

iPhoneRip audio from YouTube videos on iPhone
Many people post audio files to YouTube, but they gum songs in a slideshow. The way to solve this problem and save the audio file on the mobile phone is as follows.

Old iPhoneHow to get the best price for your old iPhone
I think we are about a month away from Apple's next iPhone event.

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