Apple Videos Encourage iPhone 11 Users To Make 0slofies0

Introduced when the iPhone 11 was launched, a “Slofie” is identical to a self-portrait “selfie”, except that instead of bringing a single photo, it is actually a slow motion video of the subject. Combining “slow” and “selfie” in a coat rack, it takes advantage of updates from the front camera, which allows it to record in 4K resolution up to 60fps, and in slow motion up to 120fps.

The four videos posted to the official YouTube account on Saturday show how the concept can be explored in different ways, while highlighting how fun creating videos can be. The first has a loose-skinned man who moves his face from side to side, the slofie capturing flickering jowls.

The second has a man dancing under a sprinkler, simultaneously announcing the water resistance of the iPhone 11.

A third is a group slofie where three girls move around in a smoky, neon-colored room, which turns out to be a walk-in freezer in a store.

The fourth is not new, because it is the same video that Apple itself released to the public during the launch of the iPhone 11. A girl in front of an aluminum backdrop looks like a hair dryer blown on her face as she moves.

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