Apple TV 8K May Never Ship. 8K TV Might Actually Fail in the Market

• Well, you were enjoying 4K / UHD TV and Apple TV 4K. Or I'm shopping for a holiday duo. So, what should you do with the 8K television fuss? There is not much answer.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K. Perhaps the end of the era.

Customers tend to keep television long lasting and no one currently in 4K is interested in 8K. It's just a technology demonstration and propaganda stunt. Fodder for fascinating articles. 8K technology may also enter the 3D and curved television cemetery. But if you want to keep the information gained, you will have amazing conclusion here while enjoying yourself. "Hello, 8K display: The next essential function of the TV is not really essential.

How do you doubt it will be in spring? Optimistically? Perhaps Apple :: cough :: shipped Apple TV 8K, and 50% of Netflix might be 8K / Dolby Vision. Then you know that 8K is the actual one. I estimate 2023. The entire 8K may just fail on the market. Like 3D. I can not see anything here.

When technology seems to be facing a failure crisis, it is a sure sign that something totally unexpected comes to take that place. The television industry has always been getting an eye out.

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