Apple stores now sell Spire Health Tags for holistic self-quantification

Apple retail channels started this week with the sale of Spire Health Tags, small, washable devices with a long battery life that fits a user's clothing to monitor heart rate and tracking, breathing, stress levels and sleep patterns.

Spire, a company that focuses on the development and sale of health monitoring devices, claims that its health tags are the easiest way to control and manage sleep, stress and activity.

The small, gray devices are thin enough to fit the inside of most garments, including bra's, underwear, pants and pajamas. An optical sensor embedded on one side of each Health Tag connects a user's skin to monitor heart rate while monitoring motion sensors within a variety of metrics.

An associated iOS app collects and translates raw data from the tracker to inform users about daily activities and stress levels, sleep quality, breathing and more. In particular, the hardware / software combo identifies stress moments by tracking breath patterns. Users are informed about elevated stress levels and are confronted with breathing exercises that reduce tension.

"Continuous health data will revolutionize health and well-being globally, but early incarnations are the result of poor user experiences and a focus on hardware on the results that the hardware can create," said Jonathan Palley, founder of Spire. TechCrunch. "By having the device disappear", we believe that Health Tag is the first product that opens up the potential. "

Unlike other health trackers, including Apple, Spire & # 39; s product is designed to be unobtrusive. The company claims that users will not feel the tags during daily use, a necessary function because they are designed as a semi-permanent solution.

Tags are applied to clothing via a glue that is applied over time, which means that they effectively become part of a host garment. The tags are hypoallergenic, washer and dryer safe and contain a battery that lasts for one and a half years.

Health tags build on Spire's first product, the Stone, which was launched in 2015 with the promise of tracking stress levels by measuring breathing patterns and activity.

Apple sells health tags in packages of three, six or eight for $ 130, $ 230 and $ 300 respectively. Spire also sells the tags directly through its website, with a single tracker for $ 50 and packages of three and eight sold at the same prices offered by Apple. Spire is currently running a promotion that costs $ 100 from an eight-pack, or $ 30 off a three-pack, when purchased with a $ 10 per month Spire + membership. Membership includes free replacement health tags when batteries run out, 50 percent off extra health tags for $ 25 each and personalized health reports.

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