Apple responds to viral tweet over dissapearing iTunes movies

During the weekend Apple responded to a tweet of viruses alleging that they removed movies purchased from their iTunes account with the company's consent, claiming criticism about the rights of digital media has expanded.

The tweets outlined a fairly simple scenario where three movies purchased by iTunes were deleted from the account and therefore can not be played or re-downloaded. Apple 's support admitted that the movie was gone and tried to solve the problem by providing rental credits far exceeding the value of the missing movie.

This problem and the first response from Apple encouraged speculation that Apple has the authority to freely delete media purchased, but in a study by CNET,

Firstly, the problematic user moved from Australia to Canada and changed the active area in the iTunes Store. Some movies can not be used in different areas, others may be different. For example, production houses can change political or regional bibliographies, remove aspects of the movie to satisfy more conservative country rating boards, and make movie names more relevant for specific audiences We may change it to sexual things.

This seems to be a problem in this particular situation.

In the statement provided CNETAn Apple spokeswoman said, "You can enjoy movies you downloaded anytime, and you will not be deleted unless you do." If you change the country setting, if the purchased version can not be obtained even in a new country, download it from the movie theater. If necessary, you can revert the country settings back to the previous country and download those movies again.

This statement suggests that neither Apple nor the studio suggests pulling these particular movies, the title may contain a Canadian-specific version that is different from the Australian specific version. Mr. Anders no longer seems to be unable to return to the iTunes Store in Australia. You need a local Paypal or billing address. Obviously there are workarounds here, but it seems unnecessarily difficult.

The main point of the problem is the physical ownership and the digital ownership right. Until today, Apple has not revoked access to movies purchased by someone (outside of these scenarios). For those who want to play safely, the best practice means downloading and creating a physical copy of the movie. Please save these on your hard disk. Even if Apple and studio are removing the access, it is still available.

In this case, Apple Support seems to promise a workaround to make Anders access the movie again. He is also doing a good sport about it, he pointed out "It fell to the crack of the license, it is.

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