Apple Pay. Privacy. iPhone Ads. It’s All About the Money

This week, pieces of Apple news were scattered. So I gathered everything on one page for your reading pleasure. let's start.

Apple TV 4K

Getting 4K content here is not like dust in crops.

• Distributing 4K content over the Internet via a 4K device like Apple TV 4K is not like dust in crops. I talked about how Epix did it. "How did Epix incorporate 4K content into Apple TV?"

• The European Union (EU) seems to be once again creepy about the single criteria of the charging port. Ben Lovejoy 9to 5Mac There is a story. "The European Union (EU) intimidates Apple and other people to become strict due to non-standard ports.

Both companies promised to adopt a single standard called MicroUSB port by 2011, but Apple announced that Lightning

The horse is now outside the barn. Too slow.

• Have you ever charged 15.1 billion dollars by post? Apple did. And the company pays it. See: "Apple is paying without looking at the majority of the EU tax regime." Among the coup, it is easy for companies with cash and securities assets of $ 240 billion. However. Oh, God. Ah.

• Hackers who discover security flaws will sell to the highest bidder and generate revenue. That is why Apple raised funds to pay bugs. However, Google researchers claim that Apple has not paid everything that they should have. "Google hackers are asking Tim Cook to donate $ 2.5 million out of the blessing of unpaid iPhone bugs"

Perhaps Apple may already have known of some security flaws before being reported. You may think that someone at Apple does not have to pay in such a case. But, there are cases where Apple has to be very generous. It is not desirable for hackers to go somewhere else. There is a possibility that bad things happen. please refer to…

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