Apple may upgrade the 2018 iPhone lineup with faster wireless charging

After iPhone 8 and X started up to 5 W for wireless charging, Apple pulled it up to 7.5 W immediately after iOS 11.2 was released. But today's new report insists that Apple can move towards 15 W by changing at least one wireless charging coil of 2018 iPhones.

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Currently, the main trade-off of using wireless charging on the iPhone 8 or X is speed. There is no doubt a useful element for not having to use the Lightning cable, but sometimes it may outweigh the ability to quickly juice up.

It should be noted that Samsung supports 15 W high speed wireless charging with a new smartphone, China time Today 's Apple says it will introduce a new wireless charging coil to the line – up in 2018 and will move beyond the current 7.5 W limit.

The iPhone 8/8 Plus and X use a flexible printed circuit (FPC) for the wireless charger coil. One of the main advantages is that the FPC coils are thin and light, but the drawback is lower than the ideal efficiency and susceptible to overheating. According to this report, due to FPC inefficiency, iPhone 's 7.5 W wireless charging is often slower than 5 W wire charging.

To provide faster 10 W or 15 W wireless charging, Apple is said to be using copper wire coils for at least one of the new iPhones. Compared to FPC, copper coils offer both higher efficiency and power capability. However, the workaround for the copper coil is to be thicker than the flexible printed circuit.

What about you, are you looking forward to a faster wireless charging speed? If it can not be used in the entire line-up of 2018, will it be a factor to select iPhone? Please share your thoughts with the comments below!

You can check more Apple news on YouTube's 9to 5 Mac:

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