Apple history today: Happy Birthday, Steve Wozniak!

August 11, 1950: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was born. Steve Jobs may be the most admired Apple person, but Woz may be most loved by fans.

In addition to his most famous creations, Apple II, Wozniak is responsible for embedding Apple's products with a person who loves to have fun and love.

Steve Wozniak: Geek geeks

Compared to awkward Jobs, Wozniak has always proved more relevant to technology geeks. As a cool hippie you dreamed of finding yourself in India when you were a praised salesman (Apple's early misunderstanding) or Woz was more clearly one of us .

He embraced the rebellious hacking psyche of the Silicon Valley hobbyist Homebrew computer club, and he and Jobs showed off his first Apple computer. Later, despite having played an important role in inventing personal computers, centered on the revolutionary Apple II, Wars did not take over the world, but had a good time.

From the beginning, Wars was a mischief. In a short time at the University of California at Berkeley, he operated school computers and read infinite paper as "good quality paper".

At Apple, once he entered his colleague's room, he placed a live mouse in the computer. After that, Wars saw that his colleagues became increasingly confused by the strange cries coming out of the machine.

Waltz was gentle at the important opportunity. Wozniak mischiefed Jobs when Apple II was released in West Coast Computer Faire in 1977. He handed out Jobs an excellent computer brochure which he thought was established on the same day. A clever fake marketing included comments by Parody Johnny Eyevek, such as "Please imagine a five wheel car".

Wars is …

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