Apple has a store in Orland Park and Irvine expands to a new location on 18 August

Apple announced that retail stores in Orland Park, Illinois State, California and Irvine, California will relocate to larger, more modern stores on Saturday, August 18th.

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Originally opened on July 21, 2007, Apple Orlando Square Mall was less than a month old from the release of the original iPhone, and has not changed relatively since. The narrow space that Apple occupies is one of the hotspots of a suburban shopping mall and it can be crowded. Apple has renovated the space to dramatically expand the two doors. During this June mall visit, temporary barriers covered the shop front, peeping through the gap between the walls showed progress in construction earlier.

Apple Irvine Spectrum Center, originally opened on February 11, 2006, is located in the outdoor shopping center south of Los Angeles. Like the store in Orland Park, that space has been modestly updated with sales for 12 years. Earlier this year, the Irvine Company announced an expansion plan of 200 million dollars at the mall.

A small Orland Park store in Apple in June, 2018.

Throughout the US, Apple is in the midst of some expansion projects at a similar suburban shopping mall. Currently 6 stores are closed for refurbishment and the seventh Apple Waterside Shops will be closed on 2 September. In July, Apple Broadway Plaza replaced the elderly shop in Walnut Creek, California with a glass pavilion that shines in the center of the city square. The renovation effort is part of a major goal of bringing out Apple's full experience to all our customers.

Today, Apple announced that it opened the first store in Kyoto on August 25. Located in Kyoto Zero Gate Commercial Center, the Apple Store will be in 9th place in Japan.

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