Apple forever ban Alex Jones from the App Store

Alex Jones Infowards Official It is permanently banned from iOS App Store.

Apple's spokesman said the company's guidelines prohibit "offensive, insensitive, disgusting, disgusting, or tasteless software".

Last month, Apple removed most Jones' podcasts from the Podcasts app. This began the wave of social media companies blocking this extreme right-wing character from platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Spotify. Twitter banned him permanently on Thursday.

The Infowars Official app was one of Jones's last methods of communicating with followers and selling his products. It is still available in the Android software store.

Infoers Official and Alex Jones

Jones built a career from monetizing fear. He spreads a conspiracy to evoke conservative factions of the appellate.

He tells the listener that high-tech devils, including Bill Gates, are raising a super race. Jones insists that the government controls the weather and uses it for assassination. He also stated that several national terrorist attacks including 9/11 are taking place by the government.

Conversely, he also argues that many famous attacks, including schools shot at Sandy Hook Elementary, did not occur. As a result, some parents who have lost their children at the event appeal to him.

President Jones supports Donald Trump 's President and he says he is silent in "GLOBALLIST" and "COPOLITISM."

Source: NY Times

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