Apple Employees Think They Make The World A Better Place

According to a survey conducted by anonymous application tied to the business of the majority of those who believe in the Apple employees helps make the world a better place. The blind man sent to a base, true-false question – I believe my company makes the world better – and almost 67% of the 10.589 workers in Silicon Valley answered in the affirmative.

About 278 Apple employees who participated in a blind survey, 83.45% answered truth. Because Apple more than any other company, respondents in companies with at least 50 was his highest score answering.

Global Impact of the blind, etc.Cynics need only to Apple CEO Tim Cook, but today's headlines out of the question that the technology giant in the world.

Cook spoke before the European Parliament in Brussels about the confidentiality of the information and said the US wanted to Apple's data privacy protection laws to reflect the general rule in the United States. EU.

After a conversation with a large CNN Amanpour, Cook said the CEO of a Fortune 500 first openly gay free to those who wrote it because the subject about his or her sexual orientation or fear.

Apple to donate the money to the help of a society, larger is usually the first defeat of his relief.

Apple is one of at least five to 50 companies responded overwhelmingly true of respondents blind survey. Another book is in four (91.01%) Cruise Automation (85.45%), Google (84.94%) and Telecommunications (83.93%).

Oracle is the lowest percentage of 27.21% for real answers. Snapchat was the second lowest at 29.67%.

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