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Apple costs more than making a 5G iPhone

There is no doubt that Apple will make a 5G iPhone. A few months ago the high-speed standard was completed, and the wireless service provider is building a 5G network.

The next step is to decide what companies that develop technology will charge Apple licenses for patents to Apple and other telephone manufacturers. The total may be more than you expected.

5G license fee will be added

Only Nokia. Announced that it will charge a certain fee for using 5G patents. $ 3 48 cents per device (3 euros). I.

Ericsson seeks $ 5 to $ 5 per mobile phone, depending on the mobile phone's sales situation. It is common to change the price according to the selling price of the product.

Qualcomm wants the most. It changes 3.25% of the cost of the phone and the cap changes to 400 dollars. Therefore, for most iPhone models it will be $ 13.

Huawei also has patents related to 5G, but we have not yet revealed what it will cost. In other words, it is highly likely to connect inline with Nokia and Ericsson instead of Qualcomm.

Therefore, the 5G iPhone price should include at least $ 21.48 in the 5G license fee. It may sound like a small amount, but it is more than Apple pays the RAM chip of iPhone 8 Tech Insights.

Inevitable 5G iPhone Cost

No matter who provides the actual 5G modem to Apple 's future smartphone, these license fees must be paid. Regardless of hardware, it covers the cost of using the patent with the 5G standard itself.

This is not a new concept. Telephone makers paid licensing fees for 4 G LTE patents for nearly 10 years.

It does not mean that the process is always smooth. Apple and Qualcomm have disputed 3G and 4G patent fees at the annual court.

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