Apple Brand Recognition Beats Other Tech Companies, Shows Study

In research GraphicSprings Although Apple brand awareness is lower than that of Coco-Cola, millions of people worldwide have found Apple's logo recognized (n = 24,000).

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Apple brand certification

To conduct the research, GraphicSprings Using sales as a metric based on Forbes Global 2000 list, we first identified 200 most important companies in the world. Next, the designer created online voting based on the image.

In the first part, there were 200 company logos and there were five possible answers to match the company's name with the logo. Next, in order to answer what each company is doing, I asked another participant a multiple choice question.

With Apple's brand awareness, this chart highlights the high-tech industry

If a person correctly recognized the logo and could correctly identify the company's business, the answer was counted as positive. The result of error margin of + 4% was rounded to a multiple of 5. Participants were classified into age groups of Millennium, Xenial, Generation X, Baby Boomers and others. We have 8,000 from the United States, 8,000 from China, Korea, Japan and 8,000 from EU countries.

Apple's brand awareness surpasses Microsoft, Intel, IBM, HP, Dell and is the top of the technology industry thousands of years ago. However, Coca-Cola is ranked top, and Apple is ranked fifth in terms of worldwide brand awareness. It's strange that I do not include other high-tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon. I think that the results of the study will be different if I do.

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