Apple as macOS Catalina password without Touch ID

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Touch ID fingerprint recognition replaces passwords on new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, but what if your Mac doesn’t have fingerprints? The good news is that you don’t have to spend a thousand dollars on a new computer. You can replace your password on macOS Catalina without Touch ID if you wear an Apple.

How it works

Strong, unique passwords are essential for securing data on your Mac. If your computer is lost or stolen, your password is the only thing that prevents a stranger from accessing everything on your Mac, including photos, emails, and personal files.

Using a strong password is also important on Apple – even if it’s only a four-digit passcode. Just avoid easy-to-guess access codes like 1234 and 0000.

Things get really interesting if you’re a Mac user and you carry the Apple. Apple knows you’re wearing it if it’s unlocked and on your wrist. Your Mac may know you’re nearby based on your Apple distance.

macOS Catalina uses this information to determine that you are sitting in front of your Mac. With your permission, you can bypass entering your Mac password every time you log in or need to authenticate with your Mac password.

You still need your password as with Touch ID. This includes the first time you turn on your Mac to sign in or restart. After entering your Mac password once, just wearing your unlocked Apple is like Touch ID on any Mac.

Bonus tip: you can unlock your Apple automatically if you use your password, Touch ID or Face ID from your iPhone. This means that your fingerprint or facial recognition can be used to ultimately replace your Mac password via Apple.

New features

Apple is not only ideal for unlocking your Mac after waking up. From macOS Catalina, you can use Apple to change your Mac password without Touch ID in even more places. Apple can unlock:

  • System Preferences for Changing Mac Settings
  • Notes locked in Apple Notes
  • Passwords saved in Safari preferences

You can also use Apple to replace your Mac password without Touch ID when installing new software.

This new feature in macOS Catalina works differently from unlocking your Mac with Apple. The connection with Apple is done automatically so that the experience is instant.

Changing your Mac password to Apple requires user input to make sure you really want to confirm your password. It’s simple. Your Apple will alert you with a tone or a tap on the wrist, then the screen will ask you to double-click the side button under the digital crown. It’s the big oval button on the side.

Even if your Mac has Touch ID, using Apple to replace your Mac password can be more convenient than reaching the …

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