An Artist Re-Envisions Modern U.S. Currency, and They’re Works of Art

I love money. Wait, I do not mean "money", of course for money – w00t! I mean currency and coins. Fun Facts: My favorite coin is the 1853-O Seated Liberty Quarter with arrows and rays. Anyhoo … Greenback is symbolic, America likes that. That is, the US dollar de facto It is a global currency, which is a major reason that seemed to be almost the same for about a century. Paper made with rag fabric, whole green, dead president. However, other countries have done a lot using plastic and holograms to fight counterfeiting. Belarusian artist Andrey Avgust (via Next Web). Mr. Abgst made a project to fully remember the US currency using state-of-the-art technology. Specifically, we conceptified the layered polymer and each layer of plastic added something to the entire invoice. He also turned them sideways (ten dollar banknotes are still in landscape mode). I am not claiming to change the American currency, but his work is wonderful and the concept art is amazing. check it out.

check it out: Artists reconsider the contemporary American currency and they are art works

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