Amazon's next big one might be TiVo's knockoff

The biggest company in online retail is to take over TiVo to the next business.

Amazon is said to be developing a new set-top box that allows users to record live TV, offering a way to get close to cable providers when watching content on demand.

In Amazon's lab, this project starts with the name Frank. According to Bloomberg reports, Frank will have mixed old school DVRs that can access new streaming technologies.

The new box will pack the physical storage to record the show. Users can stream recorded programs to smartphones. You can also connect to the FireTv box.

Boxes created with TiVo and Dish Network also provide similar functionality, but Amazon's huge presence combined with Alexa's smart speakers is a huge success as you launch Frank DVR. Amazon can also acquire customers using original television programs and Prime TV streaming services.

Details on the schedule for Amazon to make a new box debut have not been disclosed. The report also claims that the company announces new software for Fire TV sticks and aims to incorporate Fire TV into more TV makers.

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