All changes to notifications on your iPhone in iOS 12

Everyone has to deal with a large influx of reports, but we still need them to keep track of what is going on. Fortunately, Apple has made a number of changes in iOS 12 to improve the user experience.

Some changes are small, such as the decrease in text size. Others are more fundamental changes in the way we handle managing and communicating with them.

Grouped notifications

The reporting center now looks much clearer and easier to analyze. You never have to worry about a text chain taking over the Hotline. With iOS 12, notifications are grouped by the app that sent them.

Each individual category can be expanded by tapping on it and then collapsed by pressing on the. Tap Show less button that appears above (but also below) the messages.

When you swipe to the left for notifications, there are three options for the & # 39; Manage & # 39 ;, & # 39; Clear & # 39; or & # 39; View & # 39; to view or to stack.

Direct tuning

branch manage a new modal dialog appears on the message with the options to "quietly deliver", switch off or by going to Settings for further customization.

When notifications are delivered quietly, they go directly to the Notification Center without alerting the user. This is useful for things you want to know, but you do not have to be bothered constantly.

Siri suggestions Do not disturb mode

Siri suggestions can be seen everywhere in the new operating system. One of our favorites concerns notifications and the do not disturb mode.

Whenever Siri detects a dinner in your calendar or a cinema ticket in Wallet, you are advised to enable Dozer Bundle at that time to mute notifications.

Do Not Disturb will be deactivated when the appointment ends or when you leave the theater, so you do not have to perform a task. There are undoubtedly other situations and agenda appointments where this applies, but we will have to see when the time expires and iOS 12 is installed by more users.

Siri Suggestions notifications

Another use of Siri Suggestions is often with untouched reports. Notifications that come in and are rarely used by the user are shown below a suggestion to deliver or disable them.

Report analysis

As part of Screen Time, the new digital health feature from Apple, there is a useful section that provides analysis on notifications.

This allows users to see how many notifications are received and which applications they send. The goal is that users can see which apps are most bothering them and can make changes that are sent.

Richer reports

More actions can be completed from the notification without the need to start the app. This includes actions such as enjoying a photo on Instagram or scrolling through an entire e-mail.

This requires developer support, but we need to start seeing the effects shortly after iOS 12 was released this fall.

Bed time mode

When scheduling the Do Not Disturb mode, users can now enable sleep mode. Bedtime mode sends all calls and notifications directly to the Message Center.

When the user wakes up in the morning, they are not greeted by an inflated lockout screen full of notifications, but are simply included in their own time.

Critical messages

As is obvious, Apple has made great efforts to minimize reports and reduce dependence on our devices.

However, some notifications must still be delivered even when things like Do Not Disturb are turned on. A diabetic who sees that his blood sugar level falls above or below healthy levels should receive that warning, even if Do Not Disturb is turned on.

There is now a bit of a solution for developers, but iOS 12 makes critical reports more official.

These critical notifications are only for certain app categories, such as health apps, and require a special right granted by Apple. So do not expect that all apps can constantly bother you.

Retrieve Notification Center

All these changes and much more are coming this fall in iOS 12 for iPhones and iPads.

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