After stint at Tesla, Doug Field returned to Apple, and Project Titan / Bob Mansfield

After departing to join Tesla in 2013, Doug Field returned to Apple. As stated in the report from A bold fireball, A field working with Apple's project Titan car team Bob Mansfield came back to Apple

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Apple confirmed that the field returned to the company, but Apple did not confirm that he was working on a car project. However, when Field led the development of Tesla's car, it was a relatively simple assumption that he was enrolled there.

Tesla initially hired Field in 2013, claiming to have leadership and technical talent to develop and deliver superior products. Before Elon Musk took over responsibility earlier this year, he was in charge of model 3 production.

However, as sister site Electrek reported last month, Mr. Tesla announced that Field took time to spend some time to recharge his family and spend time.

Now the field seems to be 180 at first glance, this time I will return to Apple with a different role. On Apple's first career he served as vice president of hardware, now the second act, he is working with Bob Mansfield at the company's Project Titan initiative.

Apple retired from Bob Mansfield in 2016 and led the Project Titan car team and was recruited. Mansfield retired from Apple role from 2014 to 2015 after working last at Apple Watch.

The most noteworthy here is the reunification of Mansfield and the field. According to Daring Fireball's notes, the two worked closely with various hardware products of Mac and iPhone, but now they can put their expertise on Project Titan:

A field that previously worked as a Mac hardware hardware engineer at Apple before departing for Tesla 2013.

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