A decade of podcasts: Top 10 of the best shows of the 2010s

The decade has come and gone, and if there was one thing that has been a major change for me over the past decade, it is the time I have spent listening to podcasts. I change podcast apps like I change my socks. I subscribe to new shows like other people’s magazines. At the end of the decade, I wanted to take a look at my favorite shows from 2010 to today. Meanwhile, I have seen my friends launch new shows, friends start new companies, and I have seen big media companies open their eyes to the opportunities that exist in space. If I don’t list the links to subscribe, it means that the show is removed.

So let’s go. Here are my favorite shows from 2010. I deliberately left out all 9to5 shows, but I highly recommend our entire network. My list is mostly tech / Apple focused, but I’d love to hear your favorite shows in the comments.

While I listen to the current version of The Talk Show every time a new episode comes out, running with John Gruber and Dan Benjamin will go down as one of my favorite shows of all time for one simple reason: their chemistry in James Bond recaps. I had never edited any James Bonds other than the recent ones, so I loved getting them on Netflix via its DVD service and accompanying them. I learned a lot of interior details along the way. John Gruber is a great podcaster, and he came on board with his current show, but I loved the chemistry he and Dan had on the original series.

Up First has been a staple for about a year. It usually takes about ten minutes, and I find it the best way to keep up with what’s going on in the world. They cover three in no time, so there isn’t much room for comments. It’s just the news.

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The Lore podcast has spawned an entire ecosystem around it. I have known Aaron Mahnke for many years and I am so proud of everything he has built. I remember when he sent me a first version of what was to become Lore, and I was instantly hooked. Since its release, it has been downloaded over 235 million times and has been a Best of on Apple Podcasts winning multiple times. It was also a show on Amazon Prime and published as a book. Aaron is a great storyteller and he is well produced.

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Land of the Giants is a show that came out of nowhere for me in 2019. Of all the shows I’ve listened to in my life, it made me think of the role of tech companies in our lives more than any other. The first season examines Amazon’s role in our lives and what their goals may be in the future. They promise to cover other businesses in future seasons. Before you build your smart home, listen to this show.

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No top podcast on the decade’s list would be complete without mentioning Serial. It seemed …

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