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A cheerful Jimmy Kimmel's video mocks our fear of iPhone's privacy

Apple adheres to the strict rules on the privacy of the iPhone. Nevertheless, many people keep on tension that the phone is peeping at them.

Jimmy Kimmel, a comedian, is enjoying this horror with a newly released video on the same name TV show. Watch now:

By the way, Mr. Kimmel said in a video, "Apple released a statement that" we are not eavesdropping customers ". It's like making me nervous. Your neighbor knocks the window in the bathroom and says "I have not seen your shower".

While interesting, this is not what happened. The US Congress asked Apple to describe the privacy policy. Although the company responded deeply, the summary says, "We are not eavesdropping customers."

Panopsis phobia

The fear that our mobile phone is constantly spying on us is not uncommon. However, according to a recent in-depth study by researchers at Northeastern University, we have not found any evidence that Android devices are constantly listening to the user's voices or making videos secretly. This is on Android, the operating system known for all kinds of privacy violations.

In contrast, Apple is bending backwards to protect the privacy of the user. Every time the company is given a chance, the company says "privacy is a fundamental human rights belief."

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