8 Back to School Tech Products

That is that time of the year. The children returned to school, but we returned to eight school technology products.

Story Chips

The image of the story chip is on the high-tech product list of the school.

Are you looking for creativity to return to school season? StoryChips by Chipp is a platform that makes it easy to link custom content to almost all physical items using a wide range of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies such as QR code, Bluetooth, WiFi. Products that help combine technology and art.

An isolator

Returning to school means you are watching the screen all day. Enter EYEFORCER, one of the wealth of smart glasses that helps keep your neck and spine in position and protect your body from Text Neck injury and pain. Glasses will give you a gentle reminder to fix your posture in conjunction with an app that launches glasses on a smartphone or tablet or a flashing light on a text whenever the neck is in the wrong position. Eyeglasses are equipped with special lenses that protect the eyes, eliminating the distortion of the digital eye.


This is a life-saving rescuer for students who is perfect for a technician! Lay-N-Go is a handy bag that will help you organize your code and high-tech equipment. Ideal for storing adapters, chargers, Bluetooth accessories. Converter, code, easy to pack MP3 player, spread them GO. Cleanup was not that simple.

Cube Tracker

back to school tech An image of a cube tracker on the product list.

Is your child famous for losing things at school? In the cube tracker, you can easily find it by simply tagging and pinging. Use it to find a backpack, jacket, or lunch pail. If that happens to be lost, ping the cube and cell phone to ring the ring. We also recommend putting one on your car key! What you lose can be stressful and time consuming, and will have grade of confidence in cube tracker.

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