7 Things You Can Do With Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Bluetooth S Pen

The first PDAs and smartphones used the stylus for navigation and notes. Samsung has continued to use an external accessory in the banknote series and in note 9 of this year the S Pen is better than ever.

The traditional use of a stylus to finish a finger is useful on note 9, but with the Bluetooth radio you can do much more with the S Pen. It is rather surprising that the slim S Pen contains a radio and a Bluetooth battery that can be fully charged in less than 40 seconds and can run 200 clicks before they need to be charged.

Based on my experiences with the S Pen on footnote 8, it is now an essential tool for me. In addition to the five ways I have described the use of the S Pen in this article, there are several new ways to use the S Pen in Note 9:

  1. Start an application: Via the external settings of S Pen you can select the application you want to start immediately with the S Pen button when you hold down the button. The camera is selected by default, but you can also change your choice.
  2. Take photos: After starting the camera, you can press the S Pen button to activate the shutter and take a picture. Double-tap the button with the camera app open to switch between the camera on the front and the back.
  3. View photo & # 39; s in your gallery: Fortunately, Samsung continues to use its own gallery application to view and edit photos. When the gallery is open, you can use single and double tap on the S Pen to go to the next or previous image.
  4. Record your voice: With the voice recorder application open, use the S Pen to record / pause your voice recording.
  5. Control your music: When the medium is played back on Note 9, you can play / pause or skip music with both key variants. We will have to test whether this feature works with a streaming service like Spotify or that it only works with music loaded on the phone itself.
  6. Remote YouTube: With a YouTube video that is currently playing in the app, you can use the buttons on the S Pen buttons to play, pause, or skip video.
  7. PowerPoint Slide Control: When PowerPoint is open, you can use the buttons to go to the next or previous slides.

With note 9 in hand, we will continue to explore Air Command options and other ways that Bluetooth radio enables advanced functions with the S Pen.

Later in the year, developers will be able to integrate the new S Pen Bluetooth Low Energy options into their applications. Stay up-to-date for productivity with the Note 9 S stylus.

Source: ZDNet


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