5 essential apps that work beautifully with iOS 12

iOS 12 provides some great new features for your favorite app. One can integrate with brand-new Siri Shortcuts and talk to Siri to automate and interact with the app. But that's not all. The camera application will be able to access depth information from portrait mode, giving quite a special effect.

Safari's automatic password entry is also open so applications such as Dashlane and 1 Password can be used with one tap. Please use the new iOS 12-y application.

Carrot Weather

Carrot, iOS "funny" weather app.
Photo: Carrots

Carrot, a sarcastic weather forecast application that everyone likes, now has integrated over fifteen new Siri Shortcuts. This means that once you enable shortcuts, you can listen to Siri about all sorts of weather and respond using data from Carrot. This means that we can request the current weather forecast, rain report, or extended forecast, even sunset time, lunar surface etc. Siri displays all the information on the lock screen without opening the application.

This is ideal for using Siri shortcuts. Because checking the weather is something you want to do frequently and is also a work on the go. It has a shiny new Siri Face for OS 5.

price: $ 4.99 Plus In-App Purchase

download: Carrots of the App Store (iOS) Weather


Things are perfect iOS 12 citizens.
Things are perfect iOS 12 citizens.
Photo: culture code

To-do apps are another category where speaking directly to the app is the best way to interact with it. On iOS 12, the following excellent additions to iOS 12 have been added:

Siri shortcuts, Apple Series 4 and Siri faces, Dynamic Notifications, Password AutoFill, and Landscape Mode for iPhone.

Siri Things's shortcut integration shows what powerful shortcuts are possible. You can create your own shortcuts, but the easiest way is to have your iPhone do it for you. Siri proposes a shortcut based on your frequent use of your iPhone right now.

You can list these suggestions Settingsgt; Sirsch, Inside Recommended Shortcut section. Here you can view all the shortcuts that Siri might use. Podcasts, timers, message actions etc. Tap one of these to add a trigger phrase and set it.

Above all, a new feature has been added to add a new ToDo to a specific list using Siri and to use the dynamic notification of iOS 12.


The redesign of cloudy looks amazing.
The redesign of cloudy looks amazing.
Photo: Cloudy

Cloudy is currently in version 5, redesigning the screen currently being played back, and Apple's playback comes back, the podcast app will also add Siri Shortcuts. The redesign is excellent, you can easily find sophisticated functions without cluttering the main screen. But the most important thing for Apple's users is that "Cloudy Cloudy" can transfer podcasts to the iPhone and play them independently of the iPhone.

This is done by forwarding up to 20 podcasts per night to Apple while you are sleeping. In other words, your device is probably connected to the power supply. You can also use the crown to adjust the volume.

price: Free for in-app purchase

download: Cloudy in the App Store (iOS)


& Lt; yoastmark

Halide is one of the best manual camera applications on the iPhone, and now it adds considerable melody in portrait mode. On iOS 12, Apple has started accessing Portrait effect mat. This is a mask created by the depth camera, separating the subject from the background. It is used to blur the background and gives a nice new "blur effect".

Now any camera application can use this to create a custom background blur:

With the help of portrait effect mat, we developed our own unique custom blur from portrait effect of iOS camera. This adds lush blur you expect from traditional cameras.

This is pretty huge. In the future, the application can model the blurred background and blur of the actual lens. You can turn the iPhone into a camera like a Leica. Halide also adds support for new iPhone size, Siri Shortcuts and so on.

price: $ 6.99

download: Halide from the App Store (iOS)

Dash lane

The dash lane indicates automatic iOS 12 password input. "width =" 1600 "height =" 970
Dashlane shows automatic password input for iOS 12.
Photo: Dash lane

Cult of Mac Sponsor Dashlane is now using another amazing iOS 12 feature. Automatic password entry has been integrated with third party applications. Each time you visit a website in Safari, you can tap the small key icon on the keyboard to automatically enter the password. That key can open the password application instead.

Therefore, using Dashlane, 1 Password, or another password application makes it as easy as using the built-in iCloud keychain. It is wonderful as you can use the password manager you chose without sacrificing convenience.

price: Free for in-app purchase

download: App Store Dash Lane (iOS)

iOS 12 is not a big show off update like iOS 7 or iOS 11 for iPad, but it may be one of the latest iOS updates for a while. Almost all hardware was executed faster and many long-term troubles were fixed. In addition, new functions such as shortcuts and incoming call refusal were added at bedtime, and it was designed according to how people want to use technology. I love it, you too.

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