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Apple’s MacBook Air Future May Be In Question

As for the future of Apple's MacBook Air, there is reason to believe that it will soon no ...

offer: brand-new 2020 iPad (8th Gen) falls to $299, lowest price ever

Apple's latest 10.2-inch iPad just received a price drop of $ 30 from Amazon, or $ 299 ...

What to expect from the 2020 'Apple Series 6' launch

Apple's fall versions are coming soon, and with it, a new Apple - the “Apple Series 6” - ...

How to See All Quote Tweets in Twitter For iOS and Safari

We all know that a simple reply is not the only way for users to interact on Twitter. ...

Future Taptic Engine may extrude part of an iPhone case for a tactile notification

Apple's Taptic Engine could see big changes in the future, by contextually providing ...

COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Express coming in Tuesday's iOS 13.7 release

With the release of iOS 13.7 on Tuesday, public health authorities around the world will ...

AAPL Surpasses Value of Entire UK FTSE 100

LONDON - Apple's record valuation after the stock split has earned the company more than ...

MacBook Pro hinges could dynamically angle keyboard for more comfortable typing

The MacBook Pro may become more ergonomic in the future, with Apple looking to add a ...

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 arrives on September 18 for $1999

Details on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 were ultimately provided by Samsung, with the foldable ...

Express Transit on iPhone & Apple arrives for Washington DC Metro riders

The SmarTrip Metro card used in the Washington DC metro area launches on iPhone and Apple ...

Apple advancing all-glass iPhone with wrap-around display technology

Apple's future iPhone could have a wrap-around display, while sporting an all-glass - and ...

offer: Apple's 12.9" iPad Pro (LTE) $669, 11" iPad Pro $420 off, 13" MacBook Pro $1,049

B&H Photo kicks off in September with three aggressive offers on Apple's 11-inch iPad ...
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